About Us
Consulting Since 1996

About Us
Consulting Since 1996

IT consulting is our business. Since 1996 RAD Computers has a good reputation for continuously exceeding cutomer expectations. With our technology partners, we can improve your existing system and always provide good prices to our customers.


Who we are
We bring value innovation and growth to your business

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in network technology and security repair and maintenance. Some of our strong verticals are financial, law firms, small shops, accounting firms, independent hotels. Our technicians can help with any problem no matter how big or small.




Our mission
Doing it right

RAD Computers prides itself in being honest with our customers (you) and performing the work “the right way” to benefit your company for years to come. We appreciate your business by being helpful and respecting you and your employees.


  • Very profesional and friendly.
  • Improve overall productivity for your business.
  • Lower customers yearly IT expenses by repairing it right.
  • Lower the frequency of IT calls (Once customer is established).


RAD Computers offers Whole Building Cell Phone Booster Sales and Installation

RAD Computers welcomes Ben Booth as a service tech.

RAD Computers Now offering Comcast Buisness Services - Phone and highspeed internet.

RAD Computers welcomes David Hendry as a service tech.

Your network could run faster. What's stopping it?
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LifeSize® Announces Video Center
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RAD Computers is now an HP Partner!

RAD Computers is becoming the authorized repair partner for Sony & Tosbiba laptops in Salt Lake City.

RAD Computers becomes partners with Faronics, the makers of DEEP FREEZE to lower IT service calls..
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RAD Computers partners with LifeSize HD video conferencing solution..
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